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Periodontal Disease Treatment Lake Ozark, MO

gum disease treatment in Lake Ozark MO near Camdenton and Osage BeachWhen we think of common diseases in the United States, heart disease, stroke, and cancer tend to come to mind, but actually, gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is the single most prevalent disease in America. Periodontal disease affects about 80% of the population.

That’s three out of four people!

If you are one of those three people, call our dentist in Lake Ozark, MO. Located near Camdenton and Osage Beach, MO.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gum Disease in Lake Ozark, MO

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is an infection of the gums and bone that surround and support the teeth. It usually begins when a person is young and progresses with age.

Gum disease’s main cause is a bacterial plaque that hardens into tartar (also called calculus), but other risk factors could include alcohol and/or tobacco use, genetics, stress level, medications, hormonal changes, diabetes, systemic diseases, clenching and grinding teeth, poor nutrition, and obesity.

How Does Gum Disease Develop?

When tartar builds up below the gum line it irritates those soft tissues and infection can set in and spread quickly.

Symptoms, such as red, tender, swollen gums, bleeding when brushing, and constant bad breath, can indicate mild (gingivitis) and tend to go unnoticed in the early stages.

However, as the disease worsens (known as periodontitis) and the gums recede, pockets of bacteria form and permanently destroy gum and bone tissue, sometimes leading to tooth loss.

Why is Gum Diseae a Problem?

Recently, research has linked gum disease to an increased risk for major overall health problems, including stroke, heart disease, respiratory problems, osteoporosis, diabetes complications, low birth weight, dementia, and more.

periodontal disease treatment in Lake Ozark near West aurora and Osage Beach

How Can I Prevent Gum Disease?

We are able to detect early warning signs of gum disease during your routine dental checkups. If caught early enough, simple prevention techniques such as changing the way you brush, flossing more often, or changing your home-care products may be enough to fight progression.

Types of Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Massie can perform non-surgical therapy, such as root scaling and planing, and surgical treatments for the most advanced cases. Additionally, we can provide antibiotic treatment to treat the infection.


Here at Premier Dental and Oral Health Group in Lake Ozark, MO, we know the impact of periodontal disease. We strive to both prevent and treat gum disease. Allow us to use our experience to help you! Call for your appointment, today. We treat patients with gum disease in Lake Ozark, Camdenton, Osage Beach, and the surrounding areas.

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