TMJ Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatment in Lake Ozark, MO

TMJ treatment in Lake Ozark MO for headache relief near Osage Beach and Camdenton

Frequently Asked Questions About TMD/TMJ Treatment

What is TMJ?

TMJ is your temporomandibular joint. It is what connects your lower jaw to your upper jaw. When the TMJ becomes aggravated, it can lead to a disorder known as TMD.

What is TMD?

TMD is temporomandibular disorder. This can happen when your TMJ is inflamed and can be caused by many different things, such as a misaligned bite or the grinding of your teeth. Most people refer to this disorder by the joint name, TMJ.

What Are the Symptoms of TMJ/TMD?

  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Earache
  • Jaw Aches or Stiffness
  • Fatigued Jaw When Chewing
  • Tenderness Around Your Jaw
  • Change in Your Bite

How Do I Know If I Have TMJ/TMD?

At Premier Dental & Oral Health Group, we use a device known as JVA or Joint Vibration Analysis. This tool is approved by the ADA and is used to diagnose and determine how severe your TMD is.

What Are The Options for TMJ Treatment?

TMJ treatment comes in a variety of forms:

  1. Comfort H/S Bite Splint – A bite splint is also commonly referred to as a night guard. A bite splint is used at night, while you sleep, to ensure the right bite alignment and prevent the grinding that can aggravate TMJ/TMD symptoms.
  2. The Kois Deprogrammer – The Kois Deprogrammer is a plastic appliance that you slide onto your upper teeth. It allows your jaw to relax into its ideal position. The Kois Deprogrammer may need to be worn for up to a month to allow your muscle memory to be erased.
  3. Wisdom Teeth Removal – Sometimes, your misaligned bite can be caused by your wisdom teeth. In this case, we can perform an extraction, which can help realign your bite.
  4. Sleep Apnea Treatment – Your TMJ/TMD symptoms may be a result of undiagnosed sleep apnea. Treating your sleep apnea may alleviate those symptoms.
  5. Orthopedic Work – Realigning your bite may be needed for TMD relief. Traditional braces or Invisalign can help to realign your teeth and relieve your symptoms.
  6. Surgery – In some severe cases, surgery may be needed.

headache relief in Lake Ozark MO with TMJ treatment near Osage Beach and Camdenton, MO

What Are The Benefits of Getting TMJ Treatment in Lake Ozark, MO?

The benefits of taking care of your TMJ/TMD include an earache, jaw ache, and headache relief, as well as the improvement of secondary issues such as sleep apnea.


Premier Dental & Oral Health Group is the only office to offer TMD treatment in the Lake Ozark area. We provide TMJ treatment services to patients coming from Lake Ozark, Osage Beach, Camdenton, and the surrounding areas. We know you want the headache relief that comes with proper TMD treatment. Call us today to schedule your appointment and begin your recovery!

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