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Correcting Severe Dental Problems in Lake OzarkEach restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedure performed at PRemier Dental & Oral Health Group in Lake Ozark addresses a specific issue. A porcelain veneer can correct the surface of a tooth that is discolored or slightly misshapen. Dental bonding can fill a small chip in an otherwise healthy tooth.

Some dental problems are more extensive and require a combination of procedures. Crown restoration combined with soft tissue grafts can restore a severely decayed tooth with the root exposed. A bone graft and dental implant can restore a missing tooth in an area where the jaw bone has receded. Orthodontia followed by tooth bleaching totally transforms a smile by straightening and whitening.

What is the difference between tooth bleaching and whitening? Whitening is the term for procedures which remove surface stains to restore the degree of natural lightness. Bleaching goes even further by lightening teeth beyond their natural shade. The natural shade of your teeth, by the way, like your skin and hair color, is determined by genetics.

We live in an age where severe dental problems can be permanently corrected. Schedule an appointment at Premier Dental & Oral Health Group in Lake Ozark to discover the perfect combination of procedures to achieve your ultimate smile. Cosmetic dentistry services include porcelain veneers. Call today!

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