Why Is An Implant Better For Oral Health?

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People who lose one or more of their teeth have several replacement options. At Premier Dental & Oral Health Group in Lake Ozark we usually recommend dental implants, which have a number of advantages over other choices.

A dental implant, if you don’t know, if a metal post (most often titanium) that is placed in your jaw bone. It fuses with the bone, in effect becoming a replacement tooth root, and is a solid foundation for one or more replacement teeth.

Fusing with bone is one of the big advantages of implants. Replacement options like dental bridges or dentures rest on top of the gums. Since the implant has become a part of your body the surrounding bone will not degenerate over time. This preserves overall bone density and strength.

Dental implants also help reduce the risk of gum disease. When there is an empty socket in your mouth, more of the neighboring teeth are exposed to bacteria, which could lead to decay. The socket itself may also allow bacteria to enter the gum tissue, leading to a higher risk of gum disease.

Even the best-fitted bridges and dentures tend to irritate gum tissue. In addition to discomfort, it also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

Overall, dental implants from Premier Dental & Oral Health Group in Lake Ozark are better for your oral health than other choices. Best of all, they look and function like natural teeth. People from Lake of the Ozarks and Osage Beach call us for general dentistry services. Schedule an appointment today!

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