What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

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This blog post from Premier Dental & Oral Health Group in Lake Ozark is about wisdom teeth, and why some require removal.

Evolution isn’t always tidy and linear. For example, we have smaller jaws than our ancestors thousands of years ago, but most of our bodies haven’t adapted by generating fewer teeth. Two-thirds of us generate the same amount of teeth as early humans. These late-developing extra molars are called wisdom teeth and they pose unique oral issues.

When a wisdom tooth tries to come in but is impeded by the adjacent tooth, it becomes impacted and can result in:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Tooth decay
  • Gingivitis

It’s difficult to clean partially-erupted wisdom teeth. Since they have a high risk of dental caries, we pay special attention to them. They can also cause tooth decay in the neighboring molars.

If they are causing problems, we will recommend they be removed. We may also recommend extraction to prevent future problems.

It is estimated that 85% of wisdom teeth need to be taken out. Wisdom tooth extraction is a routine outpatient procedure. Most patients experience minimal pain and recover in a few days.

At Premier Dental & Oral Health Group in Lake Ozark, wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure. If yours bother you, please schedule an appointment. We also offer a wide range of general dentistry services. Schedule an apointment today.

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